At last you can set off on your well-deserved holiday, the dream destination has been selected and your caravan or motorhome is ready to go. Don’t allow the battery to let you down. Emrol is more than happy to get you going again. You can have confidence in our batteries to provide a reliable source of power, when and wherever you need it.

Starter battery

We have the correct starter battery for every type of car, mobilehome or commercial vehicle.

We can also offer various alternatives based on the good – better – best principle. Our range of EGO Starter batteries is divided up into various types so that we can offer the correct one for each situation thereby resulting in a smooth start-up every time. In 95% of the cases we are able to supply the correct battery ex stock.

  • Our starter batteries are fully maintenance-free.
  • With our own brand of starter batteries (EGO) you enjoy a guarantee of minimum 3 years.
  • Thanks to the minimum self-discharge, you can hold our starter batteries in stock for up to 18 months without any reduction in quality.

Traction batteries

Once you have arrived at your destination, you don’t to be sitting in the dark come nightfall, and why not enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning, and maybe even take a look or listen to what’s happening in the world via the TV or radio. You can be sure of our (semi)traction batteries for a reliable source of power, when and wherever you need it.

In the (semi)traction and fully maintenance-free ranges of batteries, we also supply the so-called ‘wet’ traditional batteries that you must top up with distilled water from time to time. Proper maintenance procedures are essential in order to prolong the life-span of this last group of batteries. Choose a maintenance-free battery to avoid maintenance tasks and battery gassing.

We recommend semi-traction traditional and Deep-Cycle maintenance-free batteries for average power consumption in caravans and motorhomes. For more intensive use we recommend higher quality batteries:  Deep-Cycle traditional, traction traditional and traction maintenance-free.

Your old batteries can earn money!

We’ll take back your old batteries and pay you a very fair amount in exchange. We are able to collect together large volumes of old batteries and therefore can offer you very good rates.

Battery chargers

If you still don’t have a battery charger, or the built-in charger capacity is too low, then we recommend a high frequency charger. More than half the batteries in motorhomes fail because of undercharging. It is essential to keep the batteries fully charged when the vehicle is not in use. This is why these chargers also have a trickle charge function.