• We have been an independent battery distributor since 1981. This means that we can always offer the best solution without the obligation to stay with a specific manufacturer. We invest a lot of energy and resources in carrying out our own research and development.
  • In 95% of the cases we can deliver the right battery within 24 hours thanks to our extensive stock holding.
  • Our virtually infinite range includes starter batteries and (semi)traction batteries. We have both mono-block batteries and traction cells.
  • We provide total service so that in addition to batteries we also have the necessary battery chargers and every conceivable fitting. This makes a one-stop-shop for the electrical drive systems on your machinery.

Always and everywhere

You find our batteries being used in countless applications, including cleaning machines, forklift trucks, access equipment, electric wheelchairs, electric golf carts and caddies, as well as cars and commercial vehicles. Furthermore, we supply the correct batteries for mobile homes, boats, caravans, alarm systems, traffic signals, mobile lighting, etc. Batteries are also supplied for hospital standby power plants and servers.

Right choices

Just give us the necessary information about the application and we will come up with the correct batteries. We will give you a range of options and all the necessary information. In-depth knowledge helps you make the right choices. Contact us and find out.

Measuring and monitoring

In addition to distribution, we also provide additional value through our excellent follow-up and monitoring service for your batteries.

  • We have designed our own monitoring systems that provide us with a treasure trove of information, which in turn helps to optimise your battery usage. This could mean annual savings of thousands of euros on your fleet costs.
  • You can also take out maintenance contracts for your batteries.
  • In the event of an emergency caused by faulty batteries, either our technicians appear on-site to carry out repairs, or the repairs are carried out on our premises.

Earn money with old lead

We will pick up your old, defective batteries. You can earn a little extra based on the daily quoted lead price. We offer the best prices thanks to the large volumes we process. You also save on transport costs for removing the old batteries whenever you order new ones.

Advice & training

Your customers depend on your equipment every day. Performance and reliability are therefore important aspects. Obtaining maximum returns on your forklift truck, sweeping machine, tower wagon, pipe rail trolleys, golf carts, etc, is not just your concern – but ours too! The battery forms the heart of every piece of electrical equipment and is therefore essential for a top quality performance experience.
Emrol provides professional training for maintaining batteries, chargers and associated accessories. Contact us for effective, customised training courses!

Do you need a battery in a hurry? Call us today or send us an e-mail and there’s a 95% chance that we can supply you ex stock.