EDrive EDM
Robust traditional charger.

This charger has already been successfully used for more than 60 years for the most diverse of applications in the market and is highly suitable for rugged industrial environments. The EDrive EDM is a robust charger with memory function as standard. The charger also offers trickle charging or maintenance charging. A model with pump is optionally available for acid circulation. Emrol generally advises the EDrive EDM to be used for applications requiring a charging current higher than 25A.

Advantages & applications EDrive EDM


  • Only suitable for charging wet batteries
  • Robust and reliable charger
  • With memory function as standard
  • With trickle charging/maintenance charging
  • Charging time between 8 and 12 hours
  • Recharging capacity of 60 Au/5h tot 1,500 Au/5h
  • Model with pump available for acid circulation
  • Charging time of 6.5 hours possible with pump
  • Single- and three-phase depending on the type
  • Equalisation charging


  • Internal logistics
  • Cleaning machines
  • Elevating platforms
  • Electric vehicles


Wa Curve

The Wa curve shows the 12-hour charge with an 80% discharged battery.

WoWa Curve

The WoWa curve shows the 8-hour charge with an 80% discharged battery.


Multiprogrammer Top II

With the optional Multiprogrammer Top II (MP TOP II) you can read the EDrive EDM charger. The MP TOP II also has an extended memory to store 100 charger memories. You can then use a USB connection to transfer the memory to a PC to enable a perfect use or failure diagnosis.

It is supplied in a sturdy carrying case with space for the cables supplied and includes PC software for the visualisation of the data. External batteries as a power supply are not necessary. The internal battery of the unit is charged by USB computer connection.