EDrive Aqualess.
The traction battery with the lowest maintenance cost.

EDrive Aqualess Airmatic, the ultimate package. EDrive Aqualess Airmatic combines the advantages of a maintenance-free battery in a classic traction battery. An intelligent adjustment in the structure of the cells ensures a significant reduction in water consumption. With a normal 80% discharge, for 5 days a week, water only needs to be topped up every 12 weeks. This ensures a sharp drop in maintenance costs and gives you great ease of use. With the additional Airmatic option, you can also enjoy lower energy bills. This system releases almost no gas and allows for 30% faster loading.

Advantages & applications EDrive Aqualess

Advantages EDrive Aqualess Standard

  • Water refill interval is reduced significantly to 8 weeks (with normal use and 80% discharge, 1 cycle per day, 5 days per week) use with an 80% discharge, 1 cycle per day, 5 days per week)
  • Less maintenance costs

Advantages EDrive Aqualess Airmatic

  • Water refill interval drops significantly to 12 weeks
  • Reduced loading factor
  • 50% to 80% less gas release
  • 20% to 30% faster charging times
  • 10% to 20% less energy consumption
  • Decrease in operating temperature


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  • Cleaning machines
  • Electric Vehicles
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EDrive Flexis Pro – EDrive Package

To make maximum use of the advantages of EDrive Aqualess, we recommend the EDrive Flexis Pro. The charging curve of this high-frequency charger is perfectly matched to the EDrive Aqualess battery. This keeps the charge factor extremely low and results in very little water consumption and energy loss.

The charger’s control system regulates the pump so that the correct pressure and flow rate are achieved. This results in an optimal operation of the acid circulation through the battery. The operation and pressure build-up of the system is clearly
The operation and pressure build-up of the system is clearly displayed on a large colour screen. In the unlikely event of a malfunction in the Airmatic system, e.g. loss of pressure due to a damaged hose, the charger will clearly display this on the
colour display. However, the load will not be interrupted, so that your machine will not have to stop.

So choose EDrive Flexis Pro, the most intelligent and energy-saving charger.