EDrive PSW
Compact high-frequency charger.

The EDrive PSW is the lightest and most compact charger in the high-frequency charger range. If you are looking for a high-frequency charger for smaller applications, the EDrive PSW will most probably be the best choice. This is certainly the case when the power required is no higher than 2 kW. Operation of the appliance is extremely simple. If required one can use different options including the Multiprogrammer Top II with which you can read or program the charger.

Advantages & applications of EDrive PSW


  • Simple, efficient and compact charger
  • Suitable for charging both traditional and maintenance-free batteries
  • Protected against moisture and dust by resin immersion
  • Adjustable for different capacities
  • With extended memory
  • With trickle charging/maintenance charging
  • Provided with contact for in-built indicator and immobiliser
  • In-built models available
  • Charging time between 8 and 13 hours


  • Internal logistics
  • Cleaning machines
  • Elevating platforms
  • Electric vehicles
  • Golf carts and caddies

EDrive PSW options

Multiprogrammer Top II

With the Multiprogrammer Top II (MP TOP II) you can both program and read our PSW EDrive chargers. A number of charging curves are pre-programmed for both traditional or maintenance-free batteries, with different charging times, etc. The MP TOP II also has an extended memory to store 100 charger memories. You can then use a USB connection to transfer the memory to a PC to enable a perfect use or failure diagnosis. It is supplied in a sturdy carrying case with space for the cables supplied and includes PC software for the visualisation of the data. External batteries as a power supply are not necessary. The internal battery of the unit is charged by USB computer connection.

Externe LED

With a built-in PSW charger the LEDs are not always visible. An external LED can be used in this case. This option requires no extra installation procedure. All that is needed is a simple plug & play connection. The LED has 3 different statuses: ‘charging’, ‘charging done’, ‘deep discharging’. If required one can even use the standard built-in relay in the PSW. This can be used to switch off a consumer.