Overview battery chargers.
The right charger for every battery.

We have a wide range of battery chargers. Our range includes traditional, high-frequency and multifunctional chargers. We can also help you with trickle chargers. When it comes to high-frequency chargers, we would like to highlight the EDrive Flexis Pro. This is one of the most intelligent and energy-efficient battery chargers on the market today. This modular top charger combines numerous unique advantages. It automatically detects battery voltage and capacity, it can be used for different battery technologies and it is extremely user-friendly. In the range of high-frequency chargers, we also have the smaller EDrive PSW and EDrive Fortis. We can offer you battery chargers for forklifts, reach trucks, stackers, cleaning machines, aerial work platforms, golf carts, boats, motorcycles and all kinds of electric vehicles.

Choosing the right charger is important. After all, the performance and life span of your battery depend heavily on the quality of the charger. The choice of the right battery charger depends on a number of criteria: voltage, capacity, battery technology, use, energy efficiency, budget, moisture and dust resistance, etc.

In addition to our standard Axima battery chargers, we also supply customised products that must meet special functionalities: for example, giving extremely high voltages or charging currents, or chargers that are even mobile. The possibilities are virtually endless. Are you looking for a fully integrated battery management system or a new charging room? Emrol is the right partner.

In the overview below you can find all our battery chargers. Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask our Customer Service team for advice!

Efficient and compact charger for classic and maintenance-free batteries
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User-friendly industrial charger for classic and maintenance-free batteries
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Most intelligent and energy efficient high-frequency charger with full colour display
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Robust traditional charger, only suitable for charging wet batteries
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Multifunctional chargers with IP 66 protection degree, also for lithium batteries
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All the possibilities regarding our specials and customised battery chargers
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Our multifunctional battery chargers, for classic and maintenance-free batteries
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System that determines which battery is most suitable for use
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