EDrive Fortis.
Modular high-frequency charger.

The EDrive Fortis is a highly energy efficient, industrial battery charger for traction batteries. The charger is very simple to use. One can then immediately see the charging status with the LED lights. The modular aspect of the charger enables fully individualised solutions. The EDrive Fortis is also extremely budget-friendly making it the ideal charger for any charging room.

Advantages & applications of EDrive Fortis


  • Efficient and user-friendly industrial charger with PFC controller
  • Suitable for charging both traditional and maintenance-free batteries
  • Robust and reliable charger
  • With readable memory
  • Modular construction, individualisation an option: simple service and cost-efficient
  • Ideal charger for charging installations
  • With trickle charging/maintenance charging
  • Charging time of 6 hours possible
  • Charging profile adapted to the set battery type
  • The status of charging is displayed by 3 LEDs
  • Deep discharging battery detection and special program
  • Delayed switching to avoid intermediate charging
  • Options: signal light for clearly visible charging state indication external relay, remote control
  • Desulphation program, galvanic isolation input and output
  • Available for all battery voltages


  • Internal logistics
  • Cleaning machines
  • Elevating platforms
  • Electric vehicles

AXIFF software

The EDrive Fortis has a separate AXIFF software package. This program can be used to make a very wide range of settings. One can configure individual charging curves for example.

Options with EDrive Fortis

Signal light

An external signal light is a very handy option with the EDrive Fortis. It clearly shows the status of charging using 3 different lights: red, orange and green. There are also 2 outputs for remote display.

External relay, remote control and individual solutions

A relay can be used to control external appliances. The EDrive Fortis also has 2 digital inputs for remote control. If required, all sorts of solutions in line with the customer’s needs such as special voltages, moisture and dust protection, adapted firmware, etc. can be provided.