The strength of Emrol lies in the advice it provides and also the on-site emergency and maintenance services. We do much more than just deliver our batteries and chargers. So you can always count on getting good advice as well. Moreover, throughout Benelux, we travel to you in order to deal with on-site emergencies caused by defective batteries. We also have a very well equipped workshop where we can carry out all sorts of repairs. Maintenance contracts also enjoy the benefits of our full expertise.

Our challenges? We take over all the issues surrounding your batteries.

Which battery is best for my machine?

Selecting the correct battery depends on a whole range of factors. Traditional or maintenance-free battery? Traction, semi-traction or deep-cycle? European or US models? We understand that it is sometimes difficult to separate the wood from the trees. No problem – we’re here to help you.

Contact us and together we will search through our entire range to find a cost-effective solution.

Which battery charger works the best?

The battery type, the machine and the usage frequency each play an important role in determining the correct battery charger.

Give us the necessary information and we will guarantee good advice and fast delivery.

With good maintenance how do I extend the life-span of my batteries?

Emrol offers comprehensive maintenance contracts where we take full responsibility for the maintenance of your batteries. This means you do not have to worry about this aspect of your fleet of machinery. Moreover, we have designed our own testing devices and monitoring systems to keep an eye on the health of your batteries.

Contact us for further information about battery monitoring.

Safety inspections

Being a BMWT certified company, we can also take care of the mandatory annual safety inspections. In addition to inspecting your machines, Emrol can also make recommendations and simultaneously carry out small repairs.

Our service department will be happy to tell you more about these inspections

Unexpected emergencies?

We have a skilled service department, which when requested can come to your premises as quickly as possible in the event of battery problems. This helps avoid long periods of downtime and gets your employees back to work. For less urgent problems you can send your battery to us by courier. We will complete the repairs at our workshop in Malle within 5 to 10 days. .

Do you have an emergency situation or want to ask an urgent question?
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