EDrive traction batteries.
Discover our full range of 2V traction cells.

As a specialist in batteries and chargers, we have a complete range of 2V traction cells in accordance with DIN and BS standards. Our range is built for every use: from heavy duty to the most extreme. This is an important fact in choosing the right battery. For example, if you’re looking for a battery that will run in longer shifts and has a longer life, you’re better off with a high performance battery like the EDrive Endurance or EDrive Power Square. Depending on the environment, you may opt for a maintenance-free Gel solution or even a traction battery suitable for ATEX zones. EDrive Aqualess also has batteries with a reduced maintenance cost. We can help you with this too.

EDrive traction cells are used in a many applications. In internal logistics, this ranges from forklift trucks, reach trucks, pallet trucks and stackers to the latest models of narrow aisle trucks. EDrive traction batteries are also often found in cleaning machines and all kinds of electric vehicles, even in shipping.

Fast delivery times, very large stock, full DIN range according to EU standards
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Fast delivery times, very large stock, longer service life, full range DIN & BS 
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Extreme heavy duty applications, battery delivers more hours of operation
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Very heavy applications, increased capacity through modified cell design
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Absolutely maintenance-free, very safe solution
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Water refill interval is greatly reduced, EDrive Aqualess Airmatic possible
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Explosion-proof, available for the various danger zones
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