EDrive Endurance.
The strongest athlete in its class.

Wherever extraordinarily high-performance traction cells are required, that is when the EDrive Endurance realises its full potential. This battery runs with superior adaptability in longer shifts and, at the same time, generates more cycles than other traction batteries. Its unique product design features a number of advantages: an improved separator, superior plates with adapted lead oxide and a purer lead alloy (99.9% instead of standard). These improvements mean it can achieve a lower internal resistance, and the average voltage of the battery is higher than in standard traction cells. Ultimately, this results in more available energy and in greatly reduced battery wear and tear.

Advantages and applications of EDrive Endurance


  • Battery delivers more working hours, so it can operate in longer shifts +12%
  • Battery generates more cycles (1820 instead of 1500) +21%
  • Reduced water consumption -66%
  • Lower operating temperature -26%
  • Reduced water consumption -23%


  • Internal logistics
  • Cleaning machines
  • Electric vehicles
  • Shipping

Options with EDrive Endurance

B.M.S. Service (Battery Monitoring System)

Thanks to B.M.S., we can gain clear insights into the usage, maintenance and the exact technical status of your batteries. Using various sensors, the system registers all charge and discharge cycles of the battery. Using B.M.S. can extend the guarantee period of your battery by up to 4 years. Please contact Emrol to discuss the possibilities.

Quick and simple maintenance with an automatic water filling system

Water filling system: what and why?
While a battery is charging, water is converted into oxygen and hydrogen by electrolysis, systematically lowering the liquid level in the battery. Insufficient fluid in a battery is a significant cause of premature defects.

The BFS III battery water filling system means the process of topping up the water is automated. The BFS filling system is made of high quality and extremely strong material and is very simple to install. This makes the BFS III the most flexible and reliable filling system of its kind.


  • Rapid process
  • Very easy to install
  • Flexible rubber hoses
  • Water vessel and deionisation appliances available
Acid circulation

Acid circulation: What are the advantages?

  • Energy savings: shorter charging times
  • Longer life span: intensive charging is avoided reducing the load on the battery plates
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Intermediate charges: one of the problems with intermediate charges is stratification. Acid circulation completely eliminates this effect.