Professional service with DHC Battery Tester

With a battery and charger tester you can test both the battery capacity and the quality of the charger.

Why is the battery capacity important?

When a battery does not deliver sufficient capacity it cannot be put into daily service. All batteries have a nominal capacity. A battery is in good condition if the capacity remains above 60% of the nominal value. The capacity depends on the age and the quality of the battery.

Why is the charger important?

The life-span of a battery decreases if it is not charged properly. Both over-charging (overheating and damaging the battery plates) and under-charging (sulphating of the plates) is damaging to a battery.


The battery and ICE-system testers from DHC help to make life easier and more professional at the same time. Within a few seconds you can measure the cold start current (40…2100A EN) that a battery (6V, 12V) is able to deliver. This way you can immediately find out whether the battery has sufficient power to start the engine. It tests the starter motor, alternator and regulator as well. The equipment has a long, exchangeable, connector cable with powerful clamps, drop-proof housing and comes in a strong carrying case.

There is also a version without printer (RT002) which we recommend for field engineers who have to carry out battery and system tests on-site. The version with printer (RT777) is recommended for the automotive industry. Take every opportunity to test batteries thereby increasing the opportunity of increasing customer satisfaction and your sales. The equipment will very soon pay for itself!

AlfaBat Pro

The production of the Alfabat Pro has been stopped. So we cannot offer this product any longer.