EDrive Flexis
Intelligent high-frequency charger.

The EDrive Flexis is a highly energy efficient, industrial battery charger that can be used for both traditional and maintenance-free batteries. This high-frequency charger stands out by the number of possibilities and options. On a 4-colour display you can change numerous settings without the involvement of a technical specialist in a very user-friendly manner. The charger is modular so even fully individualised solutions are perfectly possible.

Advantages & applications of EDrive Flexis


  • Efficient and user-friendly industrial charger
  • Highly adjustable with 4 colours
  • Suitable for charging both traditional and maintenance-free batteries
  • Robust and reliable charger with very comprehensive possibilities
  • With a comprehensive readable memory
  • Available with pump for acid circulation
  • Modular construction individualisation an option: simple service and cost-efficient
  • Ideal charger for charging installations
  • With trickle charging/maintenance charging
  • Charging time of 6 hours possible
  • Deep discharging battery detection with separate software
  • Possibility to create curves with PC or laptop
  • Delayed switching to avoid intermediate charging
  • Adjustable switching on time (low rate charging)
  • Many options: battery identification, signal light for clearly visible indication charging state
  • Desulphation program, galvanic isolation input and output
  • Possibility of extension to AXInet, charging hall management
  • Available for all battery voltages


  • Internal logistics
  • Cleaning machines
  • Elevating platforms
  • Electric vehicles

EDrive Flexis 4-colour display

The charger can be easily configured and read using a 4-colour display.

AXIFF software

The EDrive Flexis has a separate software package. This program can be used to make a very wide range of settings. One can configure individual charging curves for example. If required one can also use a very detailed history to consult specific charging from the past.

Main options with the EDrive Flexis

Charging hall management AXInet

AXInet is a monitoring and management system for Axima chargers that optimises the whole charging process. The system connects individual chargers in separate groups and evaluates their charges. This ensures much greater user-friendliness and a reduction of costs. The data network can connect up to 255 Flexis chargers with each so offers a clear overview of the whole charging process.

Signal light

An external signal light is a very handy option with the EDrive Flexis. It shows the status of charging using 3 different lights: red, orange and green. There are also 2 outputs for remote display.