Specials EDrive battery chargers.
Another dimension in customisation.

We supply EDrive chargers in all sizes and for all kinds of applications. In addition to the standard version of the EDrive Fortis and EDrive Flexis Pro, we also offer the right solution if you are looking for battery chargers for specific purposes. This may involve chargers that provide extremely high voltages or charging currents, or even mobile chargers. We can also supply customised chargers that are suitable for damp environments or for use in a high ambient temperature. Various battery technologies are possible. EDrive Flexis Pro chargers are adjustable for wet, gel, AGM, Lithium and Nickel-cadmium batteries. Moreover, CAN communication is also possible.

For years, we have been working together with our manufacturer Axima, which specialises in developing high-frequency chargers for a particularly wide range of applications. Especially when it comes to customised solutions, the possibilities are virtually endless.

There are numerous environments that often require a custom solution. These range from applications in internal logistics, public transport and railway companies to industrial sectors where electric vehicles are used. Here, we think for example of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). Below are just a few examples of our projects. Any questions? Contact us for a customised quote!

Extremely heavy duty high frequency chargers

This particularly heavy-duty battery charger can provide a charging current of up to 500A. The modules in the cabinet are linked together, which makes it possible to achieve very high charging currents. In this case for an AGV application with very heavy Lithium batteries. Due to the high ambient temperature, an air conditioner is also provided.

Technical specifications

  • Voltage: from 12V to 96V
  • Charging current: from 300A to 500A
  • Built in separate modules
  • Airco equipped

Mobile battery chargers

For a project of a railway company, we delivered customised battery chargers that are mobile. The chargers have an IP54 housing. This allows them to be used very safely in dusty and humid environments. In addition, they are also equipped in stainless steel and nickel-cadmium batteries can be charged with them. This mobile version of the Flexis Pro is also often used as a workstation charger.

Technical specifications

  • 80V 100A
  • IP54 protection degree
  • Stainless steel
  • Also suitable for nickel-cadmium batteries
  • Mobile
  • Equipped with storage space PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

EDrive Flexis Pro with rotated display

In some circumstances, it is more practical to use the EDrive Flexis Pro on its side. For example, in case of lack of space. Therefore, on request, the display is installed rotated by 90° in this case.