Water filling system: what is it and why do I need it?

During battery charging water is converted into oxygen and hydrogen through electrolysis, resulting in the fluid levels in the battery gradually lowering. Insufficient fluid in batteries is one of the main causes of premature defects. It is very important therefore that each battery cell has sufficient fluid in order to prevent the highly damaging drying out of the plates. We recommend that you check the fluid levels in the cells at least every 10 charging cycles and top up with water when required.

Experience has taught us that manually topping up batteries carries an element of risk with it. The correct level of electrolyte is essential. Levels that are too low are dangerous for the health of the plates, and if the levels are too high, they can overflow during charging resulting in the loss of acid, as well as damaging the battery and the machine. An automatic water filling system removes these problems and makes savings in maintenance costs. For example – properly topping up an 80 volt battery by hand can take 30 minutes, whereas using a central water filling system it would only take 3 minutes to top the battery up to the right levels.

Emrol offers 2 different types of water filling systems:

Thanks to the BFS III battery water filling system topping up batteries with water is completely automated. The BFS filling system is made from very high quality materials and is very easy to install. With float lengths of 12 to 59 mm and four different filler caps, this system can be used on every type of battery. BFS uses a filling pressure of 0.2 to 3.8 bar. This all makes the BFS III the most flexible and reliable battery filling system in its category.

The Hydrolink central water filling system from Trojan is an innovative solution for the golf market. The emphasis here is on quicker, simpler and safer topping up of batteries in golf carts. As the global leader for deep-cycle batteries, Trojan knows more than anybody else the importance of regular maintenance and the impact that this has on the life-span of the battery. Battery maintenance, and specifically the task of topping up with water can be time consuming, dirty, difficult and unsafe. This all becomes history with Hydrolink! But, the Hydrolink system is only suitable for Trojan batteries.

Apart from central water filling systems, Emrol also supplies mobile water containers and filler guns. These are all suitable solutions for filling batteries in the charging room.

When carrying out maintenance only use demineralized or distilled water. The simplest and cheapest way is to make it yourself from tap water. It should initially be put through a filter to remove substances dangerous to batteries, such as minerals.  For this we can supply the WD2000 water de-ionizing device. The WD2000 de-ionizing device removes impurities electrostatically. The water de-ionizing device saves money and produces very pure water that is comparable with distilled water. The devices are compatible with a central water filling system.