EDrive Lithium Pallettruck Battery.
Simple replacement of your lead acid battery.

The weight and dimensions of the pallet truck battery are always adapted to suit your appliance. No adaptations are required. An extra indicator and signal light are fitted to show your battery’s exact charging state. Then you can simply replace your lead acid battery with our Lithium solution.

Advantages and applications EDrive Lithium


  • Simple to use
  • Maintenance-free
  • Flexible
  • Energy-saving
  • Intermediate charging possible
  • Built-in charger with immobiliser
  • Specifically for your appliance including weight
  • Clear charging state indicator
  • Provided with BMS system
  • Secured against misuse
  • Quick charging option
  • More than 3000 cycles
  • Allows several shifts a day
  • No adaptations to the truck required


  • Internal logistics

Battery indication

Deep discharge with warning light
The battery must now be immediately charged.

SOC indication
Standard on the battery, option for external fitting.

Example of use

In contrast to a lead acid battery this battery does not always have to be fully charged. The battery works excellently with short intermediate charges and has a maximum life span with short ‘mini-cycles’.