EDrive Take This System.
Optimise your battery fleet.

The EDrive Take This System ensures that all your batteries are charged evenly. When a large number of batteries are loaded in a charging room, it often happens that a certain number of batteries are overcharged and another number are undercharged. This can lead to premature wear of your battery fleet. Thanks to the implementation of the EDrive Take This System, you can prevent this and avoid unforeseen costs. The life span of your battery fleet is thus significantly extended.

Advantages and applications EDrive Take This System


  • The system determines which battery is most suitable for use.
  • Ensures optimal management of your batteries.
  • Extends the life of your battery fleet.
  • A simple connection between the chargers and the control unit is provided.
  • When the wrong battery is taken, an acoustic signal is activated.
  • The system can control up to 254 EDrive Flexis Pro chargers.
  • If all batteries are equipped with a temperature sensor, the battery with the lowest temperature is offered.


  • Internal logistics
  • Electric vehicles
Display control unit

The display of the control unit shows the number of the battery that is most suitable for use.

Data of the chargers

The data of the chargers can be entered easily.