As the name says, stationary or standby batteries are specifically designed for stationary applications. These batteries are mainly used for backup power in the event of a mains power failure. When the main power supply fails these batteries have to seamlessly continue meeting the existing power demand. In critical scenarios such as operating theatres in hospitals, it is vitally important there are reliable batteries on standby at all times in anticipation of power failures. Fire and burglar alarm systems, telecommunication equipment, servers, etc., are all applications requiring reserve power supplies.

Our standby batteries provide sustainable and safe emergency solutions. Ensure that you have a reliable emergency power supply not just for safeguarding your infrastructure, but also the security of your employees and customers. There are many excellent electrical emergency systems, but they all have to run on reliable battery systems! 

Maintenance-free batteries are the best option for standby applications. Periodical maintenance carried out on these batteries can be forgotten about, as they often stand for many years unused in separate locations. The great advantage of good quality maintenance-free batteries is that they are guaranteed for life! Naturally the user never forgets to carry out maintenance.

The range of maintenance-free stand-by batteries is available in our own EGO Secure brand and also various types of Fullriver batteries.

Our extensive EGO Secure and Fullriver range of batteries is a safe and reliable solution for all your UPS and alarm systems. Being an independent battery distributor we can guarantee professional, objective advice so that you can make informed choices.

As standby batteries can lie for years without ever being used and then suddenly have to spring into life and provide a source of electrical power, these types of batteries are continually charged via a special trickle charger so that they can be brought into action at any time. With over 35 years of experience, Emrol can assist you here as well.


Product Volt Capacity/20h Length Width Heigth Weigth Connection Brand
SE4-6 6 4 70 47 104 0,68 F1 EGO SECURE
SE1.3-12 12 1 97 45 57 0,57 F0 EGO SECURE
SE2.3-12 12 2 179 35 66 0,92 F0 EGO SECURE
SE3.3-12 12 3 134 67 66 1,30 F0 EGO SECURE
SE4.5-12 12 5 90 70 105 1,46 F1 EGO SECURE
SE7-12 (F2) 12 7 151 65 98 2,05 F2 EGO SECURE
SE7.2-12 (F1) 12 7 151 65 98 2,18 F1 EGO SECURE
SE7-12 (F1) 12 7 151 65 98 2,05 F1 EGO SECURE
SE5-12 (F2) 12 5 90 70 105 1,50 F2 EGO SECURE
SE50-12 12 50 230 137 215 16,00 F15 EGO SECURE
Volt Capacity/20h Length Width Heigth Weigth Connection Brand