Together we’ll find the correct battery for your application. The eventual choice will depend on a number of factors:

  •  The battery’s function in the piece of equipment: is it for starting an engine or the driving power?
  • The space available for the battery in the equipment
  • The power required
  • The frequency of use
  • The level of autonomy
  • The anticipated life-span
  • The maintenance requirements
  • The budget available
  • etc…

You don’t have to be a battery expert yourself, because we’ll carefully guide you through the selection process, and at the end we’ll present you with various price options based on ‘good – better – best’.

Contact us today with your battery queries. If necessary we’ll visit you on site. Ex stock batteries delivered within 24 hours. We can meet your demands immediately 95% of the time.

Complete range

Our virtually endless range of batteries includes starter, semi-traction, Deep-Cycle and traction batteries.

  • In the (semi)traction and fully maintenance-free ranges of batteries, we also supply the so-called ‘wet’ traditional batteries that you have top up with distilled water from time to time. Proper maintenance procedures are essential in order to prolong the life-span of this last group of batteries.
  • We can supply both mono-block and 2 volt traction cells, which we install in the battery box for you. This last application is normally used for internal transport.

Do you need a specific type of battery? On our product pages we provide more information on the various types and technologies. Can you not find what you are looking for? No problem. We look forward to helping you. Contact us today