We offer battery monitoring systems for forklift trucks. Thanks to these battery monitoring systems, we receive a clear picture of battery usage, the maintenance carried out and the health of your batteries. This results in extended guarantee periods as well as targeted advice for the improved battery management of your forklift truck batteries. Moreover, you prevent expensive machine down-time through pro-active monitoring.

The B.M.S. or Battery Monitoring System records all the battery charge and discharge cycles via sensors. After reading off this information we know exactly the state of health of the battery and from that we can provide useful tips for extending the life of the traction cells. Using B.M.S. extends the guarantee period of your battery up to 4 years.

Easy maintenance

Do not underestimate the importance of proper battery maintenance on your equipment and the cost-saving that can be made as a result. Our battery monitoring tools check the health of your batteries. This means that you know exactly the state of your batteries and when they have to be serviced, and when they should be replaced. By proactively replacing defective batteries, you prevent unwanted down-time and expensive breakdowns.

The right battery

You can save thousands of euros annually by accurately matching the equipment power consumption with the battery. This could mean that an expensive battery is unnecessary with equipment that is seldom used. When the battery is in continuous use, too small a battery will lead to premature replacement, which also means extra costs. With our monitoring systems, we recommend the correct battery for each piece of equipment.