EDrive Lithium for lift trucks.
The new generation.

The new generation of EDrive Lithium distinguishes itself on all levels. This is achieved through higher productivity and lower operating costs. The battery effortlessly reaches 5000 cycles and can be discharged up to 95%. When it comes to safety, this battery also scores highly. The built-in BMS is extremely reliable.

What really makes the difference with the new generation of EDrive Lithium? The built-in monitoring system in every battery. This gives the user the possibility to check the status of the entire battery fleet in real time. The charge status, battery voltage, current and even the exact location of each battery are instantly visible!

Higher productivity

  • No gas formation
    Lithium batteries do not form any gas emissions, which means that separate charging chambers are not necessary.
  • More available energy
    An EDrive lithium battery can be discharged up to 95% without affecting the battery’s service life. With a lead-acid battery, on the other hand, this is 70-80%.
  • Longer service life
    Under the same conditions, the number of cycles is 4 to 5 times higher than with a lead-acid battery.
  • More efficient at lower temperatures
    Operational use lies between -10°C and 55°C. This makes EDrive Lithium an excellent solution in cold environments, for example in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Offers a lot of ease of use
    EDrive Lithium batteries can be charged at any location. This offers great ease of use for internal logistic processes.

Reduced operational costs

  • Monitoring and tracking
    Thanks to an intelligent system, all your Lithium batteries can be monitored remotely. The current status of each battery can be consulted immediately.
  • Plug & play system
    EDrive Lithium Batteries can directly replace lead-acid batteries without any technical modifications to the machine.
  • No maintenance
    Lithium batteries require no maintenance.
  • No need for changeover batteries
    When working in several shifts, EDrive Lithium can be an interesting solution. Thanks to short interim charges, you can bridge several shifts without having to change batteries.
  • Higher energy efficiency
    The energy efficiency of the charging process is up to 30% higher than traditional lead-acid batteries.

Safe and environmentally friendly

  • Safer working
    No battery changes are necessary, so accidents with heavy batteries can be avoided.
  • Flexible loading areas
    As no fixed loading bays are required, you can efficiently manage the locations where loading takes place.
  • Recycling
    Lithium-ion batteries can be recycled after their service life for other purposes.
  • No risk of explosion
    EDrive Lithium uses LiFePo4 technology with very safe cells and highly reliable BMS.

Fleet management: monitor all your batteries remotely

All EDrive Lithium batteries are equipped with a monitoring system. This gives the user the possibility to check the status of the entire battery fleet in real time. All possible parameters regarding the use of each battery are immediately visible.

Each EDrive Lithium battery also contains an accelerometer. This registers all movements and the use of the machine. All this data is stored and can be read in afterwards.

Would you like to know the exact location of each Lithium battery? That is no problem either. Thanks to a built-in GPS, you get an immediate overview of the location of each battery!

A login gives the user access to the current status of each battery. The software immediately displays all the desired parameters: charge status, battery voltage, current, etc.

Loading? Quickly and efficiently!

A lithium battery performs excellently with short interim charges. This is also known as opportunity charging. With this form of fast charging, higher charge currents are given to the battery. These provide increased capacity within a short time.

When working in several shifts, opportunity charging offers an enormous advantage. Battery changes are no longer necessary. All that has to be done is to charge the battery every time there is a break. After that, you can continue working as usual. The charging process itself is also extremely flexible. No gases are released when charging a lithium battery. As a result, no separate charging compartments are required and charging can take place anywhere.