Forklift trucks, reach trucks, pallet trucks, stackers, etc., use EDrive traction cells fitted in a battery box for their electric drive systems.

  • Emrol provides total service where we supply the traction cells, as well as the battery box with all the necessary connectors and links.
  • You can depend on very short delivery times.
  • When requested we can also supply the battery boxes.
  • We also have in-house solutions for the necessary battery chargers.

Maintenance-free or traditional?

Traditional traction cells are the most common solution for these applications. Our EDrive traction cells are all suitable for both light and intensive applications such as with shift schedules. Thanks to the tubular cell technology, the batteries are more suitable for cyclical applications than other types of batteries. We have a large range of EDrive cells that comply with DIN and BS standards with a nominal capacity up to 1550 Ah and a life span of 1300 charging cycles (at 80% discharge level).

For light to medium usage the EDrive maintenance-free gel cells also provide an option.
The name says it all: maintenance-free traction cells are 100% free of the need to maintain them. This results in extensive savings on labour costs and furthermore, damage caused by poor maintenance is excluded. This type of technology is mainly found in forklift trucks used in the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries. By preventing potential acid leaks, we also completely prevent contamination of your machine, floor or produce.

Extended guarantee!

On our own traction cells we offer a minimum guarantee of 2 years that can be extended to 4 or even 7 years. We use our own monitoring systems for the extended guarantee periods that proactively keep an eye on the health of the forklift truck batteries. This means we can intervene before emergencies arise.

  • The B.M.S. or Battery Monitoring System records all the battery charge and discharge cycles via sensors. After reading off this information we know exactly the state of health of the battery and from that we can provide useful tips for extending the life of the traction cells. Using BMS extends the guarantee period of your battery up to 4 years or 1,300 cycles.
  • The S.M.S. or Service Management System for monitoring your battery remotely. The recording tool communicates with our systems via a GSM modem and the internet. The system extends the life-span of your batteries by proactively preventing problems. Any misuse of the batteries is quickly reported and then confirmed by email.  Using SMS extends the guarantee period of your battery up to 7 years or 1,300 cycles.


It is possible for Emrol to take total responsibility of your batteries. You can be assured of total energy security with our maintenance contracts. Being a BMWT certified company, we can also take care of the mandatory annual safety inspections. In addition to inspecting your machines, Emrol can also make recommendations and simultaneously carry out small repairs. This type of preventative maintenance prevents defects occurring and avoids machine failure. Please see our service page for further information about the services we offer.