We have the correct starter battery for every type of car, motorcycle or commercial vehicle. This also applies to other types of vehicles with internal combustion engines, e.g. tractors.

We can also offer various alternatives based on the good – better – best principle. Our range of EGO Starter batteries is divided up into various types so that we can offer the correct one for each situation thereby resulting in a smooth start-up every time. In 95% of the cases we are able to supply the correct battery ex stock.

  • Our starter batteries are fully maintenance-free.
  • With our own brand of starter batteries (EGO) you enjoy a guarantee of minimum 3 years.
  • Thanks to the minimum self-discharge, you can hold our starter batteries in stock for up to 18 months without any reduction in quality.
  • The strong cases combined with the safe battery post covers ensure problem-free transport and safe storage.

Your old batteries can earn money!

We’ll take back your old batteries and pay you a very fair amount in exchange. We are able to collect together large volumes of old batteries and therefore can offer you very good rates. Apart from that, you comply with the statutory return of waste registration system because we always specify the weight (kg) when we take back old batteries.

You can also bring your old batteries along to us, or keep them in our acid-proof box. Contact us when the box is almost full. The next time our service department visits, we exchange your full battery box for an empty one – you can send back more than you have purchased. This means that we don’t charge for any extra transportation costs. This makes us more competitive than most local scrap metal dealers.

Chargers and boosters

  • Our product range also includes various types of boosters that can be used for safely overcoming starting problems when the battery is completely discharged.
  • You’ve come to the right place for battery chargers.

Specific automotive applications

Emrol is also the total partner for specific automotive applications:

  • Battery chargers for tailgate hydraulic pumps.
  • Battery testers for quickly and accurately checking whether the battery has sufficient power to start the engine.
  • Battery monitors that indicate how often you can still start an engine with a battery.
  • Battery isolators that make it possible to charge two or three batteries from a single alternator.
  • etc…