Does corona also have an impact on your batteries?

Because of the impact of the corona measures, machines and equipment are coming to a standstill in many places. Think, for example, of temporary closings of companies that are active in rental.

Machine downtime can also affect your batteries. For example, a partially discharged or poorly maintained battery that is no longer in use can suffer permanent damage. How can you prevent this?

We are happy to give some simple tips:

  1. For forklift trucks, aerial work platforms, polishers,…

Check the water level of your traction batteries. If this is too low, top it up to the desired level. Then connect them to the charger until you use your machine or device again.

  1. For machines and appliances with lithium batteries

Although Lithium batteries should not be stored fully charged, it is still important to charge them in time. If they are discharged too deeply by self-discharge, the BMS will switch them off. If this deep discharge continues for too long, the battery can be permanently damaged. The same principle also applies to the battery of your electric bicycle or cordless drill.

  1. With mobile homes, campers or motorcycles

Do you have a mobile home or motorbike and would you like to enjoy the spring sun? Unfortunately, the lockdown measures may still hold you back. Make sure you can enjoy later and check your battery. Connect the battery to a trickle charger and keep them in optimal condition.

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