Choosing the right battery charger?

Choosing the right charger for your batteries may not always seem obvious. If you are looking for a modern high-frequency charger, you undoubtedly have questions. How energy efficient and intelligent is the charger? How long can I extend the life of my batteries? How user-friendly is the operation? The EDrive Flexis Pro offers an appropriate answer to all these questions.

This charger can be used in many applications. From electric forklift trucks, stackers, cleaning machines, aerial platforms to all kinds of electric vehicles. Even when it comes to battery technologies, the possibilities are endless. Both classic, maintenance-free and Lithium batteries can all be charged with the EDrive Flexis Pro. Choosing the right charger is easy.

The main advantages:


  1. Highly energy efficient charger

The EDrive Flexis Pro is one of the most energy efficient chargers on the market today. This is thanks to intelligent charging curves that ensure that each battery gets exactly the charge it needs. So there is never any transhipment. Specifically expressed in figures, up to 96% of the energy actually goes into the battery.


  1. Automatically detects battery voltage and capacity

The EDrive Flexis Pro automatically detects the voltage and capacity of the battery at the start of the charge. The charger software will then determine the ideal charging curve. This gives each battery exactly the desired charge. This results in a longer battery life and at the same time a lower energy bill.


  1. Robust, industrial and modular charger

Thanks to a very sturdy and robust housing, the charger can be used perfectly in any industrial environment. Hanging in height is also very easy. No additional mounting accessories are required. Do you want to add modules or components afterwards? This happened in no time thanks to the modular construction of the charger!


  1. User-friendly and clear full color display

The EDrive Flexis Pro has a large and clear color screen. This ensures pleasant and easy operation. Would you like to see the status of the cargo from a distance? No problem. The display colors change according to the status of the load. The estimated time to the end of the charge is also clearly displayed.


  1. Possibility of interim charging and fast charging (opportunity charging)

It is possible to set up Flexis chargers for opportunity charging. In this form of fast charging, higher charging currents are given to the battery. They provide increased capacity in a short time. It is thus possible to recover 30% of capacity within one hour. Ideal when working with one shift and there is just not enough capacity to get through the day.

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