Your old batteries are worth money

Do you have old and discarded batteries? We pick them up from you and give a nice fee for it. We constantly compare rates and adjust them where necessary. In this way you will always receive the correct amount for your collected batteries.

Which batteries are eligible for collection?

  • Complete traction batteries (from forklifts, pallet trucks, cleaning machines, …)
  • Block batteries (both classic, gel and AGM blocks)
  • Starter batteries (for cars, trucks and motorcycles)
  • Stationary batteries (emergency power supply and backup solutions)

We not only take care of the collection of your old batteries, but also give them the correct destination. Lead-acid batteries are 98% recyclable.

Do you also think about the environment? Give us a call and we will be happy to help you get rid of your old batteries!

Emrol Customer Service:
Phone Belgium: +32 3 309 24 24
Phone Netherlands: +31 515 53 18 81