Every battery is constructed using various cells, and each individual cell produces approximately 2 volts. We refer to them as mono-blocks when the cells are put together into a single casing. These (batteries) normally produce either 6 or 12 volts. Therefore a 12 volt battery has 6 cells.

With larger batteries, e.g., logistics, cleaning machines, access equipment, etc., the cells are manufactured individually and then linked together externally. In such cases we talk about 2 volt traction cells that together form a single battery. Thanks to the tubular cell technology, these batteries are more suitable for cyclical applications than other types of battery. We have a large range of EDrive cells that comply with DIN and BS standards with a nominal capacity up to 1550 Ah and a life span of 1300 charging cycles (at 80% discharge level).

Our EDrive traction cells are all suitable for both light and intensive applications such as with shift schedules. The product processes employed are based on years of experience. The constant levels of quality are achieved by using the best raw materials and the latest machinery with integrated quality controls. Fully insulated connectors and links ensure that the battery remains in good condition and the maintenance requirement is minimal.

We are therefore able to provide a 4 year guarantee on our products. If you would like to extent the guarantee period to 7 years, please complete one of the S.M.S. forms (Service Management System).

Various criteria will determine the choice that is eventually made for the right traction cells. For instance the space available for the battery will determine which cells can be used. Furthermore, to work out the capacity required sometimes needs a lot of calculations. And don’t forget that the battery is also often the counterweight on forklift trucks so that the lifting capacity is directly linked to the (counter) weight of the battery. Every battery we supply is weighed and where necessary is delivered with ballast.

Should the battery be supplied with an automatic filling system? Do you want to extend the guarantee to 7 years? All these questions mean that putting together the correct battery for your specific application is nearly always a custom job.

Our staff are always ready to help you. Just give us the necessary information about the application and we will come up with the correct traction battery. We can offer you a range of options with all the necessary information. In-depth knowledge helps you to make the right choices.

Traction cells should be built into strong battery containers so that they can be grouped. These containers must also be corrosion resistant against battery acid. As standard our containers have a polyester coating inside and outside in order to provide full protection for your machine and the battery.

Traditional traction battery cells each require maintenance every 10 cycles. We also supply automatic filling systems to ensure that the maintenance is done quickly, simply and safely.

The machines used within a typical organisation are often a mixture of electric, diesel or LPG.  Being battery specialists since 1981, we also supply starter batteries for machines fitted with internal combustion engines. All types are available ex stock.

We also have a large range of battery chargers that can be supplied ex stock. Traditional or high frequency. You will find exactly what you are looking for in our extensive range.