Make sure your battery doesn’t become a handicap. We supply the correct batteries and chargers for all your electrically driven golf carts and caddies. We recommend deep-cycle mono-block batteries for this type of drive application. This type of battery include the option of either maintenance-free deep-cycle, or traditional deep-cycle batteries. The ultimate decision depends on the battery dimensions, the anticipated usage of the golf cart and of course the available budget.

Trojan is the global leader in the field of traditional deep-cycle batteries. Most of the renowned manufacturers of golf carts and caddies choose Trojan batteries. As the exclusive Master Distributor for Benelux, we offer the entire range of Trojan batteries.

We can guarantee professional, objective advice thereby allowing you to make informed choices. By proposing the most suitable batteries, we can ensure maximum independence so that your cart or caddy always gets to the 18th hole without landing in a bunker.

You can also approach us for the necessary battery chargers. The battery charger is just as important as the battery! Therefore never skimp on purchasing the charger, because the payback lies in an extended battery life-span.

Using a central water filling system simplifies the inconvenient task of topping up batteries. Faster, easier and safer topping up of batteries not only reduces the possibility of injury, but also helps to reduce costs and extend the life-span of your batteries.