Emrol, uw partner for Lithium solutions

When choosing between a traditional lead acid or a Lithium battery, you have to make a number of considerations. In the majority of cases, a traditional lead-acid battery is the most suitable and affordable solution. However, there are a number of applications where lithium is a better solution.

If you choose Lithium, you will undoubtedly still have many questions. Which Lithium technology is best for my application? How do I get as much capacity as possible in a limited space? What about the weight?

We are happy to provide an appropriate answer to all your questions. In recent years we have built up the necessary knowledge and experience in various Lithium technologies, both for standard solutions and customization.

How can we guide you?

  1. Personal advice

At Emrol we guide your project step by step. Together we discuss the application and your wishes in detail. We give you appropriate advice with the necessary electrical specifications such as voltage, capacity, maximum discharge current, charging speed, etc.

  1. Construction, design and mechanical part

Not only in the electrical field, but also for the mechanical part and design, we are happy to think along with you. This is fully customized based on the necessary technical drawings that are adapted to your wishes. In this we advise how the battery will best fit your device so that not only the operation, but also the design forms a neat whole.

Ask? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!