How to prevent starting problems

Did your car have a rough start this morning? You can prevent this with a few simple tips.

For a smooth start, the battery of your car or truck must be at least 75% charged. The freezing cold ensures that the battery can supply less starting current. At low temperatures, the resistance in the battery increases. But with the following tips you avoid unpleasant surprises and keep the battery in optimal condition.

How do you prevent starting problems?

  • If possible, park your car indoors
    If possible, place your car in a garage or carport away from the cold.
  • Try to avoid short journeys as much as possible
    During short distances, the engine does not reach operating temperature and the battery is only charged to a limited extent. This can cause problems over time
  • Limit power consumers
    Avoid excessive use of additional power consumers in the car.
  • Check the life of your starter battery
    A battery lasts an average of 5 to 6 years, depending on the type and use. When you notice that the battery starts to function worse, it is best to have it checked and replaced in time.
  • Hang the battery on a trickle charger
    If you make many short journeys or do not use the car for a long time, it is best to hang the battery on a trickle charger.

What is the best way to start your car in freezing cold?

  • “Activate” your battery first
    Before starting, turn on your headlights to activate the battery and then turn them off to start the engine, in cars with automatic lighting this happens automatically.
  • Switch off the power consumers
    Switch off your radio, heating and ventilation before starting. This way the battery can use the full starting current.
  • Depress the clutch pedal during starting
    This way the starter will encounter the least resistance.

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